Rocky's Hot Sauce
"Home of the Best Tasting Hot Sauce...Period"
Rocky says:“Hot sauce: It’s Not Just for Wings Anymore"

And here’s how some of our devoted followers have found new ways to invigorate their appetites . 

"(Rocky) when I met you at Mad Mex, you told me it would take my wings to the next level and, man, you were right. I had friends over, made my wings, poured out the original right from the bottle, shook them and served them. They went crazy: the heat, flavor and bit of sweetness. This is the first sauce I have ever used right from the bottle without me doctoring it up. Fantastic job by you and the family!"
-Darryl H., Bensalem, PA

"Yummy hot sauce! I just wanted to say 'thanks' for the AMAZING taco hot sauce. Not only do I love it, but I love showing off to my friends that I know the 'Master Mind' who developed it. Thanks for raising my street cred in the neighborhood."
-Mona P., Greensburg, PA

"I  have always used hot sauce but...never went for the super hot sauces; couldn't get the flavor past the heat, too macho for me. I first bought (Rocky's Hot Sauce) in a hardware store. The flavor is what got me. Can't have enough garlic. The favorite is...Rocky's Garlic Hot Sauce." 
-Robert Goerlich

"I just wanted to let you know that I love your product. I tried several of your offerings at the hot sauce expo in NYC this past weekend. I thought they were some of the best sauces at the event and I just wanted to send you a note to let you know. They all have great flavor!" 
-Molly F., New York, NY

"One of my Christmas gifts was a case of your hot sauce. This stuff is amazing! I go through a lot of hot sauce and I must say that your garlic hot sauce is hands down the best hot sauce that I've ever had.  Thanks again for such an awesome product!  I got my brother hooked now, too!" 
-Rob R., Leechburg, PA

"I tasted your amazing lime sauce, bought a bottle, brought it home, tried it on some deviled eggs and now I'm upset! I'm upset with myself for having not bought another bottle and one of each of the other flippin' flavors! This stuff is off the chain!  It puts Tabasco, Frank's, Ass Kickin' and many others I've tried, in the cheap seats!
-Hot Sauce Aficianado, C. A. Jones, Princeton, NJ

"It's getting to the point at every meal I bring the Rocky's Hot Sauce out, just like salt and pepper. You hear it all the time now, Hey, you know what would be good on this? Some Rocky's Hot Sauce. My latest favorite: a couple dashes in my chicken corn chowder (or any soup for that matter)."
 - Jim C., Warrington, PA. .


A Rocky's First! 

"A Twinkie with Rocky's Garlic Sauce on it! Plus a little hot mustard." 
- Mike U., Buena Vista, PA. .

“My sister loves hot sauce. She literally carries it in her purse and puts it on everything. So I bought the garlic hot sauce for her on a whim without even trying it. It is hands down the best and most perfectly blended hot sauce we have ever tried!. Absolutely love it! We, self-proclaimed foodies, will be customers for life!"
- Ashley J.

“There is a terrible problem with this hot sauce. The bottles are not big enough! You need to make it in the 1-gallon commercial size. I can't say enough good about this sauce. All flavors are my favorite. Now I have to figure both beer money and hot sauce money into my budget.

P.S.- I love your hot sauce on pickled eggs, pizza, fried eggplant and steelhead trout. UNBELIEVABLE!"
- Vic C., Meadville, PA

“When my wife got pregnant some 16 years ago, she (had) a reaction to jalapenos (and hasn't) eaten spicy food of any kind during that time. When she got a taste of your sauce, it's been going on almost everything she eats. I use the sauce to spice up my breakfast food. I add it to scrambled eggs, omelets and home fries. Good stuff, my friend."
- Tim S., CA

  Some Comments on Our Newest Flavor:

Bacon Hot Sauce

"You gave me a sample of your bacon hot sauce to try and give you feedback. Here's my feedback: Awesome!! It tastes just as good as your other sauces. So many hot sauces out there lack flavor; they're all about hot. Your hot sauces are very flavorful and have just the right amount of kick,"                            
-John R.
Bethlehem, PA

"My husband and I had the pleasure of tasting your hot sauce at the Easton Bacon Fest this past weekend. We LOVED it! We brought it to our family's Sunday breakfast and it was a hit. We would definitely purchase it.".
-Melissa & Chris W.
Double M Productions

"You gave me a small bottle of  Bacon Hot Sauce at Bacon Fest. I actually would drink this out of a cup. It was gone in two dinners."
-Keith C.
Kintnersville, PA
"I tasted a your bacon hot sauce at the hot sauce festival in NYC. It was incredible. Possibly changed my life. Please let me know as I'd like to order that and the garlic flavor."
-Joe A.
Brooklyn, NY
"Just had to tell you the bacon-flavored hot sauce is the greatest! My son drinks it like water."
-Denis F. Pasay
  Greensburg, PA

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...And A Few Comments on Our Popular Taco Hot Sauce

"Hey, Rocky. You have a winner with your new taco sauce! It even makes Taco Bell good!"                            
-Corey Shebesta
"It's AWESOME!   I put it on pizza the first night I received it, then on chicken the next night. Very full flavor".
-Mike Duffy                                    
"The taco hot sauce is crazy good. I am becoming addicted to it!"
-Jonathan Henschel
"This new sauce is amazing!  I'm in love!"
-Laurie Kimzey
"Great sauce! The best taco sauce  I ever had. Flavor is great, heat is good. You've got a winner there, Hopefully, I can place an order soon."
"A great combination of spice, heat and, of course, that great Rocky's taste....amazing with veggies. I made a pizza with smoked gouda, a farmers cheese and Rocky's taco sauce."
" I have to tell you. The taco sauce might be your best creation yet. It goes great with pumpernickel bread and spinach dip. If you ever market it, I will get a case a month! LOL."
-Kevin Kiebler

"Sample you sent me was absolutely amazing! One of--if not the best-- taco sauce I've ever tasted! Thanks guys!"

"The taco sauce is a hit here. All of us thought it was fantastic."
"A big hit at our Mexican night party. You guys are really nailing it." "Loved the robust, tangy, spicy flavor! Great job!"
-Bill Moore
"(Your) new sauce got super ratings. From 1 to 10, got 15---off the scale. A guy wants to know when you're going public."
"Let me know when you start bottling the Taco Sauce. That is some good stuff!!! Everyone seems to be enjoying it."

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"I bartend in Blue Bell and I make my Bloody Mary's with your lime sauce. OMG, that is the BEST! Customers ASK for the lime. I wanted to THANK YOU cause it's really the best out there. Keep the new flavors coming! I look forward to trying them ALL!"
- Cynthia S., Blue Bell, PA

“It worked great on pizza, mac and cheese, chili and anything made with chicken. PB&J: not so great.”
- Denny B., Apollo, PA

“Chicken, eggs, french fries and would you believe? Leftover turkey! (You can actually finish it instead of giving it to the dog a month later.)”
- Randy L., Ligonier PA

“I make a dish I call Mexican stir fry. Instead of using soy sauce, I used Rocky’s Hot Sauce. Pretty good, I must say.”
- Rich B., Elizabethtown, PA

“I love it on fresh caught trout.”
- George B., Delta, CO

“In my morning tomato juice-- a great waker-upper.”
- Kitch B, Horsham, PA

“I add two teaspoons to my Crown Royal Manhattan.”
- Phil S

“Pizza. Mac & cheese. Anything made with chicken. Chili (both on top and I have cooked with it), (I tried it with a PBJ, but that didn't work out so well.)”
- Dennis B.

“It's the best. Great mixed with mayo, then added to tuna fish. Amazing. Also sour cream and Rocky's for chips. Or just sprinkled on your baked potato.”
- Marianne D., Willow Grove, PA

"The greatest hot sauce ever! There is NOTHING better than your GARLIC! It is SPOT ON! Day I got it, I went home and made Jambalaya. Nothing better than Rocky's Garlic on Jambalaya! We keep spreading the word and are working on a bar that has good wings that your sauce would make GREAT!"
- Rick B., Wisconsin

"You have to try Rocky's Lime in your Corona. Incredibly tasty. Made a skeptic a believer."
- Chris S., Glenside, PA

“Rocky’s Lime sauce on fresh baked salmon—it’s out of this world!”
- George B., Delta, CO

"Love your hot sauce, bought some at the Hoagie Hut. In fact, your hot sauce is in pic from my Glenside Victory Garden Blog"
- Bob Goerlich, Glenside, PA

"We had two bottles of Rocky's BBQ sauce on our Thanksgiving dinner table...and it was fantastic on the turkey."
- Chuck H., Latrobe, PA

"Thank you so much. This is our second purchase. Again, your hot sauce is awesome... We made fajitas last night with (your taco sauce) and the taste was excellent. Keep up the good work and thank you for such awesome hot sauce and customer service. We will be ordering your sauce again."
- Francisca - Amazon Marketplace


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A can of Corona beer and a dollop of Rocky's Lime Hot Sauce do the job for Casper Ows at the New York City Hot Sauce Expo in April. "Your Rocky's Hot Sauce is the number one reason for drinking beer with hot sauce!" says Casper.

...And This Unsolicited Tribute to the Rocky's Marketing Team

Hi, Rocky & Co:

I just wanted to say "thanks" for the humble marketing of your hot sauce during today's Grand Market in AC. I was the guy who came back three times and then finally bought a bottle of the garlic

Ben, Becky and Rocky... you guys are super nice and I dig your business endeavors. I love how you guys are family oriented and local to Philly. I'm sure the youngins will market the product well for your future! Heck, you guys even remembered my name as I passed by again!

Thanks again! I'll have to contact you guys for help with how to use hot sauce in recipes (aside from some of the obvious ways... wings, etc.). Hot sauce is one ingredient I haven't experimented much with, so I may want your advice (other than on Twinkies).

Dave Pulli

...A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Florida
A guy called me while he was driving to Florida. He was moving and had packed up all his belongings in a trailer when he realized he had forgotten an important possession: a 4-pack of Rocky's Hot Sauce he had purchased a few weeks before.  He considered himself a hot sauce connoisseur, having tasted hundreds in his lifetime. And Rocky's, he said, was "by far the best tasting hot sauce he had ever had, bar none."  Could I send him a 4-pack to his new house in Florida. ASAP?

Naturally, I obliged.